Karina HiltermanKarina Hilterman, Medical Herbalist and author of a popular newspaper column in New Zealand has now compiled her writing into a superb book "A Handful of Herbs."
A handful of herbs bookLearn how you can take responsibility for your own health and increase your wellness, simply by using herbs.
It is so easy.
All you need is
A Handful of Herbs!


A Handful of Herbs, more than just a herb book, is a unique discovery of nature's herb garden.

Join us and find amazing facts about herbs and the amusing truth about lesser known weeds.

  • Home Remedies
  • Recipes
  • Practical Healing Properties
  • How to Grow Herbs
  • Plus Folklore and Mystercism

For the nature novice, gardening enthusiast, those wishing to deepen their knowledge and awareness, families and mothers who wish to learn how to take responsibility for better wellness and discover the fascinating history of herbs.

There is something for all to enjoy and discover in "A Handful of Herbs".  Don't miss it!

Karina discovered the value of herbs in her own personal journey when healing herself from SLE (systemic lupus), a life threatening disease.  Over many years she has worked closely with plants in a nursery, as a landscaper and on her own rural property and after curing herself by simply using garlic & echinacea, she set out to learn more about how these herbs assisted her recovery.  Now a fully qualified Medical Herbalist she continues to conduct further research and share her enthusiasm for better wellness with others by conducting workshops in local communities, creating Herb Awareness Week in New Zealand with a Herbs in Schools program and writing a popular column for Coast and Country plus local TV appearances.  Due to this popularity Karina has published her first superb book "A Handful of Herbs."


Karina wishes you healthy ideas and good humour in
A Handful of Herbs.         Enjoy!




© Karina Hilterman
Melbourne, Australia